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FreeSpeech AppBridgingApps just published the following BridgingApps Reviewed App on the site:

FreeSpeech – Build Language and Learn Grammar is a visually appealing and interactive app that guides its users to create grammatically correct sentences. Drag and rearrange picture tiles and FreeSpeech will convert them into a perfectly grammatical English sentence. Visually explore how tenses, sentence forms, parts of speech, and other grammatical properties change the structure of English.

FreeSpeech is the perfect app for introducing a child to the complexities of English grammar, working with kids with language/speech/hearing impairments or individuals learning English from a second language.

FreeSpeech is unique because it’s the only app in the world that predicts grammar. You can throw a bunch of picture tiles at it, and the app will automatically figure out a grammatically correct sentence from them.

It is possible to manipulate words, tenses and structure as if you were manipulating building blocks. You can even use a Spanish interface, so you throw Spanish words at it and it creates perfect English sentences.

The app lets teachers and learners model/recast/contrast various grammar rules pictorially, all the while speaking out correct English.

While working with kids who have trouble speaking, App Developer Ajit Narayanan sketched out a way to think about language in pictures, to relate words and concepts in “maps.” The idea now powers the FreeSpeech app, which can help nonverbal people communicate. Check out Ajit’s TED Talk.

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