BridgingApps at the ExxonMobil United Way Expo

exxonmobil united way expo bridgingappsWe were thrilled to have the opportunity to represent Easter Seals Greater Houston as an agency of the United Way at the recent ExxonMobil United Way Expo. This event provides ExxonMobil employees with a way to learn more about some of the resources and programs offered by the United Way agencies through interactive demonstrations.

At BridgingApps, we love the opportunity to demonstrate how mobile devices such as the smartphones in your pocket can greatly improve the life of a person with a disability—when used effectively. Our goal for the ExxonMobil event was to quickly help over 500 participating employees understand how the devices they use every day can be leveraged to improve the physical, cognitive, and social outcomes for people with disabilities. BridgingApps helps people with disabilities and their caregivers focus first on identifying the skills they are looking to address or improve and then on ways to creatively use technology such as mobile devices and apps to meet those needs.

During the event, we set up different scenarios to allow participants to place themselves in the shoes of a person with a disability. The employees were then able to use the scenarios to understand the individual needs a person with a disability may have and try out different devices and apps to learn how to address that need or improve those skills. This provided the participants with a new view into how devices and apps could be used or adapted to meet the needs of a person with a disability.

We wanted to share one of the scenarios we used, to give you an idea of how we shared our program with the employees. We used the wonderful Mia as our poster child.
meet mia, undiagnosed, nonverbal, speech disorder

























Using Mia’s scenario, the participants were able to try their hand at using an iPad mini to communicate their thoughts, feelings, and even their lunch order! Using the iPad mini and the Proloquo2Go and Proloquo4text apps, they were able to experience first hand how Mia communicates and say things like:

“I am happy.”
“I want a chicken breast and a bagel”
“I have a pain in my chest.”
“Hi, my name is Jan.”

This was just one example. Participants also tried out different devices, apps, and a switch adapted bubble blower! The event was a blast, and we are so grateful to the United Way for allowing us to share our program with the ExxonMobil employees.

Interested in having BridgingApps speak to your employees or group? Learn more about how we can share our resources with you.


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