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Accessing Ability: Mobile Devices as Tools for Classroom Empowerment

TechEdge MagazineWhen it comes technology, we have often said that we focus on the needs or skills of the person first, and the technology second. We understand that one of the many challenges facing teachers is addressing the unique needs of students with varying abilities, or “scattered skills.” The good news is that with the advent of touch tablets and their ubiquitous use in schools, there are more opportunities than ever to leverage the power of technology to help a variety of learners.

One of our goals is to help you go beyond “which are the best apps” and focus instead on “how can I best support learning with the tools at hand?”

We have included a number of these ideas as well as recommendations for using mobile devices to help your students with communication, writing, and accessibility in our article in the newest issue of TCEA’s TechEdge Magazine!

Also, one of our BridgingApps app reviewers, Mark Guifre, has also been featured in this issue! Be sure to check out his article, iFocus on the Why.

We would love to hear your thoughts and learn how you are using devices in your classroom!

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