Parenting Special Needs: School Tools for Success

  Back to school means new clothes to address that summer growth spurt, changing seasons, and a fresh start. It also means easing into a new routine, academics and yes, that dreaded homework. For students with special needs, transitioning back…

Apps for Autism Presentation at SXSW 13

Autism Society of Greater Austin presents Apps for Autism Panel SXSW 13 :Sunday, March 10 3:30PM – 4:30PM Autism is a complex neurobiological disorder typically characterized by communication, social, and behavioral delays. The market for assistive technology that posits solutions…

New iOS Update – Apple iOS 6 Accessibility Features

Apple will be releasing a new iOS update, iOS 6, this coming Fall.  And with it will come many new and exciting features to support people with disabilities. previews one of the new features called Guided Access: Guided Access “iOS 6…

SNApps4Kids Joins Easter Seals Family

It is with great pleasure that we announce SNApps4Kids has become a program of Easter Seals Greater Houston. Joining forces with Easter Seals allows SNApps4Kids to expand our reach and broaden our mission of using technology to help children with…

SNApps4Kids Launches App Review System

SNApps4Kids is pleased to announce an exciting new feature on its website–the SNApps4Kids Review System. In addition to the developer’s description of an app, the review system provides supplementary information that focuses on skills, not age or developmental level.

Apps for People with Special Needs

Imagine not being able to verbalize the most basic needs of everyday life. Now visualize having a device that overcomes this disabling condition and gives you the power to communicate with those who love and care for you.

T-21 Presentation

On February 5, 2011 Cristen Reat spoke to a group of parents, educators and therapists attending the second annual Trisomy 21 (T-21) conference in Houston, Texas.

Apple Launches iPad 2 March 11th

Apple Launches iPad 2 available March 11. The new iPad will help special needs users with a built in camera to help you customize communication apps right on the iPad itself.

Alternative to ProLo

I recently received an email from the mother of a 21 year old autistic fellow. Sherecommended that I check out a link to the Kim Komando show. The link recommends an app called Grace which could be a cheaper alternative…

iPad in the News

NY Times : iPad Opens World to a Disabled Boy WSJ : Using the iPad to Connect LA Times : Technology opening new doors for disabled USA Today : iPhone applications can help the autistic GigaOM : Smartphones and iPads…