With autumn upon us we are delighted to share a list of fall apps for you and your family to enjoy. We have included educational apps to help develop math skills, literacy and more. And, some of the autumn-themed apps listed are simply for enjoyment. Click the link for our full list of Fun Fall Apps. Happy fall ya’ll!

Starfall Turkey App

Starfall Turkey $.99

Starfall Turkey is an interactive early learning app for creativity, literacy, math and fun. Children love decorating the turkeys, laughing at silly jokes and learning symmetry with animal images. Starfall Education is a trusted name in early learning technology and Starfall Turkey is a wonderful themed addition to their app collection of learning games.

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Multiplying Acorns App

Multiplying Acorns $2.99

Multiplying Acorns HD is a fun math app for the iPad that gives students the opportunity to practice multiplication with engaging and interactive 3D graphics. This app works to build a solid foundation of math skills for users of all abilities and is especially helpful for students who struggle with multiplication and/or have been diagnosed with dyscalculia.

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A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving App

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving $4.99

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving is a fun ebook app with hundreds of touchable animations, illustrations and graphics. This Common Core aligned ebook contains the original dialogue, sound effects and music from the 1973 classic that everyone loves. Follow Charlie Brown and the Peanut Gang as they discover the meaning of Thanksgiving. A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving is a delightfully themed app to be enjoyed by users of all ages and abilities.

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