There is much work to be done in Middle School and High School to ensure post-school success!  And part of that work is finding the right tools to help your student succeed.  BridgingApps has put together an app list for people with Down Syndrome that could be helpful during these years.  Click on the link at the bottom to see the full list.

Inspiration Maps app review

Inspiration Maps

Brainstorming, graphic organizer, color coding- here it is in Inspiration Maps. Inspiration software was developed in the late 80’s. It became computerized in the mid 90’s and today we have it on our iPads. This app will be the go to app for visual learners.

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Abilipad app review


Abilipad is a very versatile app that can be used as a word processor as well as an AAC device. Abilipad has text to speech, word prediction and spell check built into the word processing function. The language and voice can also be changed to English, Spanish, German or French with a choice of 20 voices.

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Spelling Words app review


This is an extremely helpful app for helping users learn, manage and have fun with spelling word lists. You can input word lists into the app by creating a new quiz. First you can name the quiz and as you type in the word, you have the ability to categorize it according to grade level 1-12, record audio pronunciation of the word, and record a sentence with the spelling word.

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See the full list of Middle School and High School Apps for Students with Down Syndrome.

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