When kids discover their parents iPhone, iPad, or other smart device, they usually discover that they LOVE playing with it. The good news is that there are a good amount of apps that can be beneficial for young children! BridgingApps has put together an app list for young children with Down Syndrome. Use these apps to not only make the smart device fun, but beneficial to the child’s development.


Special Numbers  $13.99

This is an excellent app for teaching kids all about numbers. This app teaches concepts of counting, quantities, and order of numbers through 6 different activities.

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Flashcards by Me  $2.99

Flashcards by Me is a photo card app designed by a parent of a son with Down syndrome to help children learn vocabulary, sight words and receptive language by using flashcards with images of objects they are familiar with. This app is great for typically developing early learners as well as individuals diagnosed with Down syndrome, autism spectrum disorder, speech and/or language delays, information processing disorder or other cognitive delays.

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Storybook Maker $2.99

Storybook Maker is an app that allows the user to write, illustrate and publish their own story. Using text, photos, graphics and audio recordings, the app allows an adult or child to design their own book.

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Injini: Child Development Game Suite $29.99

Injini Child Development Game Suite is an app that can work for many ages of children. This app has 8 separate activities (9 in the full version of this app) that focus on different areas of development. Activities include puzzles, matching, pattern identification, color recognition, and object tracing. Each separate activity has multiple levels of difficulty so that as the child makes progress, the level gets harder.

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Write My Name $3.99

This is a well designed app that is very versatile for practicing writing letters, both upper case and lower case. The entire app revolves around the skill of tracing. The main menu has three parts to choose from; letters, word cards, and my name. In the letters section you can choose upper case or lower case and then you can also choose which letters you want to do. In the words card section you have a menu of words from 2-letter words to 4-letter words and they are core vocabulary words. In the “My Name” section you can customize this menu and make any words that you want and create a photo to go with the word. It is called “My Name” because this is where you can make a page with the child’s name on it so they can practice tracing their name.

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